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In Purr City, cats are intelligent and curious. Most importantly, cats like to have fun!

Animal chess

Animal Chess

Hmmmmm, how to take the Lion King? Animal chess is a game with different animal pieces which move in unique ways. The aim is to prevent the other player’s King from moving so he cannot escape.


Homeless Cats

Some cats are not so fortunate to have a loving home. Raise money and bake fishcakes for homeless cats. Altruism is thinking about the well-being of others, it comes from the Latin word alter meaning other. This is also where we get the word alternative from, meaning another option or possibility.


Fat Cats Working Out At Bootcamp

Get fit at bootcamp! Bootcamp is intensive training over a short period of time.

Cat Cafe

Cats Cafe

Have a drink, relax and get to know other cats.


Christian Cats

Is there more to life than this world?

Come in and discover if there is cat heaven.

Motor racing

Racing Cats

Race other cats on tracks through created desert, mountain and coastal terrains. A terrain is a piece of land with regards to its physical features. This comes from the Latin word terra meaning land/earth, and it is also where we get the word territory from.


Can you do the limbo dance? Practising the limbo improves your flexibility.

Karate & self-defence

Karate Cats

Ka-pow! Learn to defend yourself against dogs before running up a tree.

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